Watch Elizabeth Warren tear the center out of Biden’s Republican criticism of Afghanistan

Watch Elizabeth Warren tear the center out of Biden’s Republican criticism of Afghanistan

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used her questions during a Senate hearing on Afghanistan to stamp out major Republican criticism of Biden.


Sen Elizabeth Warren sums up the problem in Afghanistan. Trump has suspended the SIV program, and General Milley says it is a “certainty” that US troops would have been attacked and killed had they stayed in Afghanistan longer.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 28, 2021


Senator Warren: It’s hard to get everyone out. There is, of course, a problem there were so many Afghan SIV Applicants in Kabul are waiting for to be evacuated because of Trump Administration essentially had shut down the program. The withdrawal was massive Operation performed in a chaotic, unpredictable Surroundings. Some people have criticized you for departure on August 31st. But I just want to explore that for a minute. General Milley, once the Afghan Government collapsed in August would you say you stay over the date of their collapse would have suspended the force the soil too substantial additional risk? “

General Milley: Yes sir. That is exactly what we judge if we stayed past the 31st, then Danger to the US military Sacrifice, the risk for that Mission and most of all the risk to the American Citizens who are still there went to a very high level. We thought there was a level of unacceptable risk.

Senator Warren: Just so I’m sure and everyone has that on that record. If we stay another week or two or three, then it is likely it would have been one more Attack that killed American soldiers. Is that what you are saying

General Milley: I would say that is a Safety.

Trump created the SIV mayhem, and Republicans wanted Biden to send more troops to die

Republican criticism of Biden essentially boils down to complaining that he did not get rid of Trump’s special immigrant visa and that he would no longer send young women to Afghanistan to face certain death.

The American people see through what the Republicans are up to and that is why the vast majority of them still voted in favor of leaving the country after the terrorist attack on Kabul airport.

Senator Warren got to the heart of the matter, and her insightful questions reduced Republican criticism of Biden of Afghanistan to the point.

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