Varied Information Sorts in Databases

Varied Information Sorts in Databases

In a database the information kind appears like operate / operate Typically in programming, subsequently there are information sorts within the database that you need to use prepare / specifies the parameter worth, and there are additionally information sorts that don’t require parameters.

The parameters on this information kind are used to find out the utmost variety of characters. There may be additionally a parameter that’s used to repair the variety of characters, for instance 5, so it can’t be much less and it can’t be extra. For the Boolean information kind, the parameters are used to outline choices or decisions in a logical case.

Examples of knowledge sorts that should be outlined parameters

INT identification(2)
username VARCHAR (20)

Examples of knowledge sorts that don’t must specify parameters

date of delivery
TEXT handle

Varied Information Sorts in Databases

On this article, what I’ll focus on is the information sorts within the MYSQL DBMS as a result of I usually use MYSQL to construct and develop purposes or software program so I’m extra accustomed to MYSQL.

Within the database there are 5 sorts of information which might be grouped primarily based on their operate, particularly String, numeric, Date, Boolean, and Binary. The next is a proof of every information kind, and examples of knowledge sorts within the MYSQL DBMS:

1. String Information Sort

String is a knowledge kind utilized in columns that retailer information within the type of letters or characters, sentences, textual content, and the like. Columns whose information sorts are initialized as strings also can retailer information within the type of supply code, HTML, XML, JSON and the like with sure textual content codecs, for instance UTF8. The next are some examples of string information sorts that you should use within the MYSQL DBMS:

String Information Sort Desk

Information Sort Operate
CHARCOAL Shops string information (letters, numbers, particular characters) with a hard and fast size of characters or letter digits. has a variety capability of 0 to 255 characters.
VARCHAR Shops a String with dynamic letter digits and a predefined most quantity. With a capability vary of 0 to 65535 characters.
TEXT Shops Strings with a most size of 65,535 bytes
SMALL TEXT Shops a String with a most size of 255 characters
INTERMEDIATE TEXT Shops information within the type of a string with a most size of 16,777,215 characters
LONG TEXT Shops information within the type of a String with a most size of 4,294,967,295 characters

2. Numeric / Quantity Information Sort

Numeric, from the title it’s clear that numeric means it’s utilized in columns that retailer information within the type of numbers. The numeric information kind has a number of writing codecs, for instance decimal numbers, entire numbers, and so on. The next are some examples of codecs for numeric information sorts:

Desk of Numeric Information Sorts (Numbers)

Information Sort Operate Attain / Attain
CORE Storing information within the type of entire numbers or integers might be optimistic or detrimental. -2147483648 to 2147483647
SMALL -128 to 127
SMALL -32,768 to 32,767
CURRENTLY -8,388,608 to eight,388,607
BIG -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807
FLOATING Shops optimistic or detrimental fractional quantity information 3.402823466E+38 to -1.175494351E-38, 0, and 1.175494351E-38 to three.402823466E+38.
DOUBLE -1.79…E+308 to -2.22…E-308, 0, and a pair of.22…E-308 to 1.79…E+3
DECIMAL / NUMERIC -1.79…E+308 to -2.22…E-308, 0, and a pair of.22…E-308 to 1.79…E+3

3. Information kind Date (Time)

Date is a knowledge kind for columns used to retailer information that has a time format that may be a date or hour.

Desk Information Sort Date (Time)

Information Sort Operate Vary (Vary)
DATE Save date information within the format (YYYY-MM-DD), 12 months-Month-Day. 1000-01-01 to 9999-12-31
TIME Storing information in time format with (HH:MM:SS), Hours, Minutes, Seconds. -838:59:59 to +838:59:59
TIME DATE Save Date and Time information 1000-01-01 00:00:00 to 9999-12-31 23:59:59
YEAR Retailer 12 months information 1900 to 2155

4. Binary Information Sort

Binary is a knowledge kind that enables a database column to retailer a binary file, for instance:

  1. Paperwork: Textual content Paperwork (*.doc, *.odf), sparesheets (*.xls, *.ods)
  2. Multi Media: Photos (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif), video (*.mp4, *.mkv), music (*.mp3, *.acc)

The next is a desk of a number of examples of binary information sorts that can be utilized within the MYSQL DBMS:

Binary Information Sort Desk

Information Sort Operate Capability
BLOCK Binary Massive OBjects for storing information within the type of binary objects. 65,535 bytes
SMALL BLOB 255 bytes
MEDIUM BLOB 16,777,215 bytes
LUNGBLOB 4,294,967,295 bytes

5. Boolean Information Sort

The Boolean Information Sort is a knowledge kind whose properties resembling if-else or if-else-if enable a column to have a alternative of knowledge to be saved. So by implementing the Boolean information kind, it’s potential to reject inserting information whose values ​​are outdoors the choices.

Boolean Information Sort Desk

Information Sort Operate
BOOLEAN Evaluating numberic information sorts 0 = False, and 1 = True.
ENUM Shops information within the type of a particular String that’s supplied within the parameters.


  1. The columns I’ve coloured inexperienced are the information sorts that I exploit most frequently.

  2. Generally, every DBMS (Database Administration System) has the identical information sorts functionally and in use, however there are additionally a number of different DBMSs which have completely different information kind names with the identical operate, for instance what I’ve encountered within the Oracle DBMS:

    INT() NUMBER()
  3. Aside from the title, there’s yet one more factor that differentiates the information sorts in every DBMS, particularly the vary of knowledge that may be saved in a column.

Figuring out the Column / Attribute Information Sort of a Desk within the Database

Figuring out information sorts is an exercise that’s usually carried out by a system analyst or programmer (generally) on the system evaluation stage. So, on the evaluation stage of database design, in figuring out the information kind of knowledge that might be saved, there’s something that I normally do to make the method simpler, particularly by validating the interface design that has been created and the move design of this system that you’ve got created.

The next is an instance of me figuring out columns or attributes for the Consumer Desk (Entity) within the database:

Column Data Column Outcomes and Information Sorts


The variety of customers in an organization who will use the appliance that I developed is lower than 5000 individuals, so due to the ID column, I’ll use a personality information kind whose quantity is mounted).

user_id CHAR(5)


The particular person’s title (person title) that might be saved within the database has a special variety of characters, and the variety of characters for a person’s title should be lower than 255.

user_name VARCHAR(255)


Normally the variety of characters could be very lengthy and the variety of characters in every handle is completely different.



Normally individuals solely keep in mind their delivery date, not the hours, minutes and seconds.

user_birthday DATE

user_postcode (postcode)

Postal code numbers in Indonesia have 5 digits, we will repair the variety of digits through information kind.

user_postcode INT(5)

gender_user (gender)

For the gender column within the column there are 2 choices “Male” and “Feminine”, so for particular functions like this you may apply the information kind within the type of boolean.

gender_user ENUM(‘male’, ‘feminine’)

country_user (wherein nation does the person dwell?)

By the way, the shopper firm has customers within the type of staff who work remotely in numerous nations. for circumstances like this, you may create a country_user column with an enum information kind, however I do not suggest creating an enumeration that has greater than 200 decisions, why? As a result of the variety of decisions is simply too giant, I recommend creating a rustic desk that’s associated to the person desk one-to-one. By creating a rustic desk, you may embrace different attributes/columns which might be influenced by the nation, particularly the nation code on phone numbers, for instance.

user_country INT(3)

photo_user (person profile picture)

There are 2 methods it can save you information in picture type.

1. If you wish to retailer a picture in binary type in a knowledge base column, you may set the column to make use of the binary information kind.

BLOB user_photo

2. If you wish to save the picture in a listing in your server, it can save you it to the database the URL of the picture that you’ve got uploaded.

person photo_text

Nonetheless, it’s a disgrace that you just nonetheless haven’t got the e-mail information kind format, as a result of it’s normally saved in string type, or generally earlier than being saved within the database the e-mail might be encrypted first.

user_email VARCHAR(255)

Tips on how to implement the usage of information sorts in a database?

From the outcomes of the column design and information sorts above, it may be applied within the type of SQL or Question supply code to create the next Consumer Desk:

You’ll be able to run the above question code on MYSQL DMBS to create a desk.


Earlier than you implement your database design in a DBMS, it’s higher to contemplate it rigorously first, as a result of if an error happens or an attribute is forgotten to be added and the database is pressured to vary throughout the software program growth course of, it will likely be a waste of time. The programmer is pressured to examine and alter if mandatory every operate mannequin associated to the desk that has simply been up to date.

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