Senator Roy Blunt busted for an absurd lie that the infrastructure invoice is $ 3.5 trillion a 12 months

Senator Roy Blunt busted for an absurd lie that the infrastructure invoice is $ 3.5 trillion a 12 months

Senator Roy Blunt lied and tried to tell reporters that if the costs are spread over a decade, the infrastructure will cost $ 3.5 trillion in a year.

Video from Senator Blunt:

The Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion tax and spending frenzy is 67% higher than the $ 2.1 trillion spent by all 50 states combined in 2019. Let that sink in.

– Senator Roy Blunt (@RoyBlunt) September 28, 2021

Claiming no one knows what $ 1 trillion is, Blunt said, “Politicians checked it out, and in 2019 all 50 states combined spent $ 2.1 trillion. All government spending in America, including the federal money we gave them, like the federal highway pass-through funds they spent, which was $ 2.1 trillion, all 50 states.

Blunt reiterated his false claim a third time that the Atonement Act costs more than all 50 states’ spending.

Senator Blunt’s claim is wrong because the cost of the Atonement Act is spread over ten years, so the annual cost is $ 350 billion, or about an eighth of what states spend in a year.

Sen. Blunt’s lie was answered with a stern reprimand

GovTrack found that the actual cost of the bill is 80% less than what the states spend in a year.

. @ RoyBlunt lies 67% more with numbers than bananas have teeth. It’s $ 3.5T over * ten years *. So it’s 80% LESS than what the states spent in 2019.

– GovTrack.🇺🇸 (@govtrack) September 28, 2021

Sam Stein tweeted:

That is…. stupid. That’s 3.5 tons over ten years. no in a year.

Alternative…. the Pentagon’s budget in 2021 was $ 703.7 billion. Let’s say they got it laid for ten years. That’s 7 trillion plus. Or about twice that bill.

– Sam Stein (@samstein) September 28, 2021

Republicans know the guidelines in the bill are popular, so they lie about the cost.

Sen. Blunt didn’t fail. He tried to create a topic of conversation, but his topic of conversation is so obviously wrong that it was quickly exposed. Republicans don’t want to argue against the Build Back Better agenda provisions, so they’re trying to scare people with lies about the cost.

It will not work.

Sen. Blunt has only revealed how readily Republicans lie when it means not giving the American people what they want.

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