New Star Wars e-book confirms Anakin ignored Qui-Gon’s Drive ghost at a vital second

New Star Wars e-book confirms Anakin ignored Qui-Gon’s Drive ghost at a vital second

There are few movies which have triggered as a lot heated debate through the years as warfare of stars have movies. As a result of method sure scenes have been filmed, there have been arguments about what precisely occurred in these scenes. And most of them requested, “Did he or didn’t he?” moments stay unanswered.

However now a brand new Star Wars novel popping out subsequent yr will reply a kind of questions. The story will make clear one of many burning questions on a specific scene in Star Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clonesthereby offering affirmation as to when precisely Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the darkish aspect of the Drive started. It is becoming that this story is being instructed now, contemplating Hayden Christiensen’s upcoming return as Anakin Skywalker within the upcoming Ahsoka sequence, in addition to his appearances as Darth Vader within the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi sequence.

The particular scene referenced within the novel happens after Anakin Skywalker had a dream about his mom on Tatooine through which he dreamed of ache. He travels to Tatooine to seek out his mom and learns that the slave dealer Watto has offered her to a moisture farmer, Cliegg Lars. When he travels to Lars’ ranch, he learns that she was kidnapped by Tusken raiders in considered one of their latest assaults.

Impetuously, he takes it upon himself to hold out a Jedi rescue of his mom, sneaks into the camp of the Tusken Raiders and slaughters all of them after his mom dies in his arms from accidents sustained by the hands of the raiders has.

Because the movie strikes away from the bloodbath and returns to the Jedi Temple to concentrate on Grasp Yoda, we hear Qui-Gon Jinn’s voice saying, “Anakin! Anakin! No!” However it was by no means clear whether or not Anakan heard him throughout this scene or whether or not it was simply Grasp Yoda who heard the fallen Qui-Gon’s admonition.

The upcoming Star Wars novel “Queen’s Hope” by EK Johnston gives readability. A brand new excerpt from the novel, which is the third a part of a trilogy about Padmé Amidala and was printed on, reveals Padmé and Anakin on their marriage ceremony day. Earlier than he marries, Anakin pays his respects to Qui-Gon on the shrine constructed on the planet to honor Qui-Gon’s sacrifice after he died there by the hands of Darth Maul years earlier. At that second, Anakin remembers listening to Qui-Gon’s voice on Tatooine and ignoring it:

“He had heard Qui-Gon’s voice within the desert, begging him to take heed to his higher nature and never give in to his hatred. He hadn’t listened. On the time he’d instructed himself it was simply his creativeness, however he knew he was mendacity. If Qui-Gon was on the market, Anakin in some way owed him an apology. And he would at all times recognize Grasp’s recommendation.”

“However he didn’t discover something. Anakin seemed deeper. There have been so many struggles in his future, however every little thing was for the great of the Republic, for order. Possibly Qui-Gon needed him to see that. There was at all times a method” for him to do it proper.

This excerpt clarifies a scene that was very obscure and helps outline how deep Anakin’s fall was. It requires quite a lot of psychological gymnastics to justify his actions and discover a approach to please his grasp. Star Wars: Queen’s Hope goes on sale on April fifth.

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