Lil Duval warns ladies of the risks of flexing on-line, saying they’re “a better goal”

Lil Duval warns ladies of the risks of flexing on-line, saying they’re “a better goal”

Lil Duval woke up Tuesday morning with some advice for women who like to bend over. The comedian turned artist headed to his usual vent sites Twitter and Instagram to share his thoughts on the matter. While agreeing that bending is cool, Lil Duval warns that a woman is “an easier target to rob.”

“Women have been flexing a lot lately, which is cool, but I think most of them don’t quite understand what’s involved,” tweeted Lil Duval. “You are an easier target to deprive.”

It is unclear what prompted Lil Duval to send this message. However, it didn’t catch on much on Twitter with just 133 retweets and 237 likes by Tuesday evening. People seemed louder on the topic when he reposted the tweet on his Instagram account. He received over 2,500 comments that people both agreed and warned about.

“And Christmas is just around the corner. Who do you think they’ll try, “wrote Lil Duval in his Instagram caption. “Yes, you can get a gun, but that won’t stop them from trying you. Where would you have been if you weren’t even on the radar. But hey what do I know I’m just trying to save you from psychological trauma. “

While Lil Duval did not provide data to support his claims, stories of women who were robbed were circulating on social media. A woman named @sabrinawynn recently shared a personal story on Instagram about a man posing as a flower supplier to gain access to her home. (Remember, this is a personal story that has not been verified by The Shade Room.)

“He then stepped in and put the flowers on the kitchen counter, turned around and looked like he had a gun in his hand, I jumped back and said, wtf you do,” Sabrina wrote in her caption. “He started pounding me with the police taser for about 10 seconds.

The woman announced that she was home with her children at the time of the incident. In addition, footage from her surveillance cameras shows that someone had been watching her home for eight days prior to the attempted attack.

Roommate, what do you think of Lil Duval’s warning?

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