How The MIG-19 Impressed China’s Nanchang Q-5 Floor Assault Plane

How The MIG-19 Impressed China’s Nanchang Q-5 Floor Assault Plane

Throughout the Vietnam Battle, the MIG-19 did not ship on its excessive price ticket. Analyzing its reception on the time, Michael Peck of The Nationwide Curiosity observes, “Intensive upkeep necessities and tough dealing with traits proved unpopular with the Soviets and lots of of their allies, reminiscent of North Vietnam.” But, China had a unique opinion. Peck writes, “Unusually, China proved fairly keen on the MIG-19.”

China purchased tons of of MIG-19s and even had its personal manufacturing facility. It is virtually sure that China wasn’t simply shopping for and constructing the MIG-19 for fight service. On the time, the Folks’s Liberation Military Air Power’s greatest dwelling designs could not match the pace and low-altitude efficiency of the MIG-19. Many different international locations have been additionally counting on the MIG-19’s superior engineering, reminiscent of North Korea the place it is nonetheless used as we speak.

With conflicts in Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan raging within the mid-Twentieth century, the PRC wanted one thing extremely maneuverable for floor assaults and shut air help. The MIG-19 was the proper mannequin. Plus, if China might get its identify on a contemporary supersonic jet (albeit one which “borrowed” its tech from Soviet engineers), it will be a logo of its world energy.

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