Buick 350 vs. Chevrolet 350: What's the distinction?

Buick 350 vs. Chevrolet 350: What's the distinction?

Each Buick and Chevrolet divided their V8 engines into two classes: small blocks and enormous blocks. Each firms' 350 fashions had been on the greater finish of the small-block spectrum. There have been deviations within the design right here. The Buick 350 V8, first launched in 1968, featured deep-rimmed cylinders to provide the crankshaft extra help and tall, slim cylinder heads designed to offer higher stream.

With a bore and stroke of three.8 x 3.85 inches, the Buick 350 was obtainable in each two-barrel and four-barrel carbureted fashions, and these engines may produce a most of 260 horsepower and 285 horsepower, respectively. In 1970 they launched an much more highly effective model of the four-cylinder mannequin with an SP engine code that elevated energy to 315 horsepower, however this mannequin solely lasted a 12 months.

Many Buick autos through the years have featured a 350 V8. The 350 specifically could be widespread with automotive fans who liked Buick's underrated muscle vehicles. Over time, the highly effective, dependable powerplant appeared in a variety of Buick fashions, from the Skylark and Gran Sport to the Electra, LeSabre, Century and extra. Ultimately, the Buick 350 V8 fell sufferer to the 1973 oil disaster, modifications in emissions requirements and horsepower modifications by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The final one was in-built 1980.

[Featured image by Mr.choppers via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | CC BY-SA 3.0]

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