Ashanti reveals that she now owns her masters and can re-record her 2002 debut album

Ashanti reveals that she now owns her masters and can re-record her 2002 debut album

#Roommates, if you’ve been waiting for new music from Ashanti, you’re in luck, but it will come with an updated twist on the album that made them famous. In a recent interview, Ashanti confirmed that she now has her Masters and will officially re-record her self-titled debut album.

@RapUp reports that while Ashanti was recently appearing on an episode of Tamron Hall’s daytime talk show, she revealed some news that is sure to keep her fans happy. She opened a big announcement which turned out to be her statement that she now has full control over the master recordings of all of her music – and so plans to re-record her multi-platinum debut album starting in 2002.

“It’s so surreal. I have a great legal team and I got my first recording deal when I was 14. So it’s so important to understand and see how things have changed so much from then to now, and to conceptually understand what you are signing, it’s so important these days. The fact that I can re-record my first album and put it all together, ”said Ashanti.

You will remember that when the album was originally released, the album contained a collection of hits including “Foolish”, “Happy” and “Baby”. It also sold over 3 million copies and debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and the R&B / Hip Hop charts.

Elsewhere during the interview. Ashanti also expressed how grateful and happy she is at this point in her life. “I’m so grateful. It’s such a blessing, you know, the fact that we’re still here, we’re going through a pandemic and these blessings are still coming in, it just makes me so happy again, so humble and so believing … just very, very happy. “

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